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5 Tips on How to Be a People Person When You Have ADHD

Although some consider ADHD as a challenge, many people with this mental disorder struggle socially. Hurdles in maintaining concentration can make their participation in a conversation difficult while impulsivity may lead you to make awkward comments. Relationships may suffer over time and feelings of social embarrassment and awkwardness may gradually cause the ADHDer to avoid social gatherings. They struggle socially and shy away from all types of social interactions. In this blog, we will discuss 5 tips on how to be a people person when you have ADHD and overcome any social scenario easily.

1. Become a keen social observer

Since ADHDers miss subtle, it becomes difficult for them to successfully navigate social situations. To grow your social awareness, try to be a keen social observer. Whenever you are out, observe others in the same state. How do they look like? Do they follow any dress-code? What do they talk about? Who is that one person to interact with? Becoming a social detective will help you recognize the more possibilities of social interactions and make decisions on how to conduct yourself in every situation.

2. Ponder your audience

You must identify that you should analyze and adjust your behavior depending on who your intended audience is. In short, the way you may interact with and speak to somebody who is a family member or a good friend is possibly different from the way you would behave around a colleague or an acquaintance. Before engaging in a political debate, consider how your audience will possibly receive your action and whether or not it’s suitable to show in front of them.

3. Keep up involvement and focus

Many people with ADHD find it tough to involve in a conversation, especially one they don’t find interesting. If you find yourself bored from what somebody is saying, play a game with yourself or maintain eye contact. These can do wonders to keep you focused. However, if you lose focus and understand that you have overlooked some of what was said, respond instantly when you feel comfortable with it. You may say sorry and ask for repeating the conversation.

4. Make a list of possible topics and questions in advance

In case you find yourself at a loss while involving in a conversation with your co-workers, create a list of probable topics and questions in advance. You may browse the news for current sports stories, events, or famous films that could serve as possible beginners of conversations. If you prepare yourself better, you will feel relaxed.

5. Go out and socialize

Some people are social by nature, but being a social butterfly is a skill. And it also needs practice like any other skill. So, get out and socialize yourself. You may meet friends for coffee, join a social group, go for lunch or movies, or take a class. Loneliness grows feelings of depression, anxiety which creates social awkwardness.

Meeting new people regularly will help you overcome such feelings, provide you a chance of creating long-lasting relationships, and strengthen your social skills.

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