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Updated: Jun 6, 2019

When you think of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), you may think of somebody who meticulously straightens a crooked photo frame or somebody arranging already well-organized closet or somebody with a fear of germs. But in reality, OCD is quite, and nearly two million people alone in the United States of America suffer from it. If you know somebody is suffering from this disorder, it is best to look for a well-known behavioral wellness clinic in Fort Lauderdale.

The behavioral wellness clinic in Fort Lauderdale should offer compassionate treatment, and work to serve the needs and patients.  The experts at the clinic should spend time to understand the patients’ symptoms carefully and then work collaboratively to design a treatment plan that matches their needs and resources.

Here is what to expect at the behavioral wellness clinic in Fort Lauderdale if you go for OCD treatment:

Consultation: In the first appointment the patient meets the therapist and discusses the symptoms and also asks about the therapy. It is time you can ask more questions relating to ERP therapy to find out if you suffer from OCD or is there any other disorder. It is now that you can talk about paperwork, fee, and therapy process.

Assessment: You will go through an evaluation to understand whether you meet the criteria for any disorder and if yes what is the severity keeping the symptoms in consideration. The expert assesses you through a questionnaire and personal interview. It is a crucial step as it gives the therapist a chance to customize your treatment plan.

Treatment: Keeping the severity of the symptoms in consideration the therapist will begin the treatment that they think is best for you. The critical components of the procedure include cognitive behavioral therapy, ERP therapy, and medication.

During the treatment, the therapists use a combination of behavioral and cognitive strategies to help patients overcome the problem quickly. The cognitive approach helps the patients understand the relationship between emotions and thoughts and how to alter their thinking to make them feel better. On the other hand, behavioral strategies help the patients learn how the behavior impacts the emotions and suggest strategies to overcome the overwhelming feelings. The treatment aims to help the client master and control their life back to achieve their goals.

During the treatment, the experts work closely with the patient and their family to ensure that the patient is responsive to the procedure. The therapy aims to reduce the symptoms. The frequency of the treatment can range from one to four sessions per week of 60 to 90 minutes. If need be the clinic should offer courses with patients family members and loved ones to help them realize the patients’ problems and treatment and to help them to create an environment that is encouraging to the changes the client is making.

When selecting the clinic, ensure that the experts are committed to providing excellent care, are knowledgeable and well experienced. Not only this, they should regularly update themselves with the help of seminars.

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