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Bipolar & Anxiety Treatments in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

Are you also witnessing extreme highs and lows that are random? Do you feel much more energetic than the usual, have random racing thoughts, talk faster and louder than normal, and sleep a little. Are all these feelings affecting your professional and personal life? Then, probably you are suffering from bipolar anxiety.

But, the good part is this condition is treatable. Bipolar anxiety treatment in Fort Lauderdale, FL experts believe that medication and alternate treatments can keep your moods in check so you can lead a normal life and do the things you want to. To make most of the bipolar anxiety treatment it is critical to educate yourself about the problem, communicate with the therapist, develop a strong support system, and lead a healthy lifestyle. Read below to know more about the bipolar anxiety treatment:

Avoid antidepressants: If you are suffering from bipolar anxiety it is important to understand risks of being on certain types of antidepressants as they can make the bipolar anxiety worse by triggering a manic episode. It is important to understand there is no cookie cutter treatment for every person. When selecting medications it is important to speak with your provider about possible alternative medications choices. 

Medication management: It is best to seek help from the medication management experts. They help you monitor the effectiveness of the medication over a period of time to ensure that you recover faster. As each individual is unique, the effectiveness of the medication may vary from one person to another. The experts help in finding the right medication and treatment plan to improve the mental health of the patient. They discuss the benefits and side effects of the medications in length with the patient. The experts help you stick to the plan and reassess it with the healthcare providers as you begin to show changes in your life. Bipolar is a specific condition which goes thought a variety of highs in mood as well as lows so it is important to be followed by your doctor to monitor you during periods of mood fluctuations.

Lifestyle management: One effective way to treat bipolar anxiety is by regulating your lifestyle. This involves maintaining a regular sleep schedule, avoiding drugs and alcohol, eating healthy and mood boosting food, regular exercise, engaging in social activities, taking a hobby seriously and continuous exposure to sun throughout the year. You can even try meditation or yoga to prevent depression and anxiety as the breathing exercises focus on the present moment and break the pattern of negative thinking.

Support system: If you are suffering from bipolar anxiety, it is important to have support of your family and friends. Educate them about the complications so they can help you when there is a need. Family and friends focused therapy addresses the mood issues and works together to restore a healthy environment at home. Alternatively, you can also take part in the bipolar disorder support groups.

During the treatment process, you need to remember that the mood swings will not vanish suddenly, you need to be patient and keep taking the medications. Just remember that bipolar anxiety treatment in Fort Lauderdale, FL is available and we can manage the mood. Seek support and find the best treatment possible to lead a healthy and normal life as soon as possible. 

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