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Can Depression Lead To An Earlier Death?

Depression can leave you in physical pain, complicate your relationships, and shatter your mood. This mental illness not only affects how people live but also kills you gradually. So, can depression lead to an earlier death? Yes, men and women who have encountered depression possibly die earlier than those who have not.

Depression doesn’t kill you directly the way that an ailment like tuberculosis or cancer might, but it can have some impacts that could cause a person being more possible to die.

Increased Risk of Suicide

The most possible way that depression might cause death is in case the bad symptoms make a person decide to finish their own life. This mental ailment can make you feel hopeless and helpless leading them to reach the sad ending that suicide is the single way of ending their sorrow.

What to do

In case you are encountering depression’s symptoms, consult your mental health professional. He can suggest treatment options like talk therapy and antidepressants that can alleviate symptoms and make you feel better.

Substance Use Disorders

Depression can also cause self-medicate issues in some people who turn to alcohol or drugs. This is more possible when people cannot handle painful feelings of stress, hopelessness, anger, isolation, and sadness, and have poor coping skills.

When an individual is suffering from depression and grows an unhealthy dependency on substances like alcohol or drugs, it is recognized as the dual diagnosis as there are a depression problem and a substance use disorder. The dual diagnosis makes the depression treatment difficult since both conditions should be handled as individual but interrelated problems. Alcohol, tobacco and illegal drug use are the biggest risk factors for suicide.

What to do

In case you have symptoms of substance misuse and depression, you need to talk to a mental health professional regarding your behaviors and feelings. A proper diagnosis can help make sure that you receive the appropriate treatment to identify every condition.

Short-term therapies include giving up any substance you might be taking. Your mental health professional can recommend the withdrawal and detox procedure. Based on the substance in query and the tenure and frequency of use, your mental health professional may suggest outpatient treatment options or inpatient residential therapy.

In a few cases, you possibly can undergo this procedure at home, but you must always consult your mental health expert first. Withdrawal of drugs can lead to earlier death in a few cases and needs expert intervention and medical check-up.

Long-term therapies include psychotherapy, the use of antidepressants, and other medications for identifying depression’s symptoms. When it comes to treating substance misuse issues, support groups, contingency management, group therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and behavioral counseling may be useful approaches.

Final Words

When you have depression, you feel like your life won’t get better and nothing can help you. But this is wrong. Depression can be treated with medication like psychotherapy, antidepressants or a combo of the two. Consult a mental health expert so you can reach out to emergency services instantly when required.

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