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Debunking Five Harmful Bipolar Disorder Myths

Bipolar disorder can make people confused if they are not aware of the diagnosis. People who consider it sudden mood swings are partly right. Individuals with bipolar disorder go through high energy periods and periods of depression and fatigue. But these are not mood swings. Bipolar disorder’s effects last for days or weeks at a time. Since there are many harmful bipolar disorder myths, you must be clear-eyed about what the disorder is and how it can affect you.

Hence, you should know the facts. Let’s discuss some common myths and facts about bipolar disorder!

Myth-1: There Is Just One Kind of Bipolar Disorder.

Fact: As per the extensively used manual for mental health disorders, the DSM-5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual), there are 4 kinds of bipolar disorder, all differentiated by various intensities and experiences of mood disturbances:

  • Bipolar-I: Manic Episode

  • Bipolar-II: Depressive and Hypomanic Episodes

  • Cyclothymic Disorder: Depressive and Hypomanic Symptoms

  • Bipolar Disorder Not Else Described: Bipolar like mood disturbance that doesn’t match other diagnoses’ pattern.

Myth-2: You Won’t Be Stable If You Have Bipolar Disorder.

Fact: Sometimes people with bipolar disorder can encounter a comparative stability period between manic and depressive episodes. Moreover, some folks with this disorder can accomplish stability through a combination of bipolar disorder symptoms treatment, psychotropic medicines, workout, stable sleep schedules, non-western healing strategies, and some holistic and spiritual practices. Stability is not something that you haven’t encountered. Assuming you are continuously unstable is quite humiliating.

Myth-3: Bipolar Disorder Is Normal Mood Swings.

Fact: Bipolar disorder’s highs and lows are not the same as basic mood swings. Folks with this disorder encounter high changes in activity, energy, and sleep that are not usual for them. Only because you wake up happy, get upset in the mid-day, and end up the day happy again, it doesn’t imply you have this disorder, regardless of how frequently it happens to you! A fast-cycling bipolar disorder diagnosis needs many days, not only some hours. Experts seek some symptoms beyond only emotions.

Myth-4: Kids Don’t Get Bipolar Disorder.

Fact: Bipolar disorder can be seen in kids as young as age 6. It is more possible to impact kids of parents having bipolar disorder. Kids use to have rapid mood swings between mania and depression many times during the day while adults use to encounter bitter moods for months or weeks at a time. After testing historical behavioral patterns, bipolar disorder can be best diagnosed. Parents must try to get separate verification and cautiously ponder every diagnosis of their kid.

Myth-5: There Is No Bipolar Disorder Treatment

Fact: You have several ways to handle this ailment. Some medicines work amazingly:

  • Anti-mania drugs

  • Antidepressants

  • Mood stabilizers

Psychotherapy also can help you reduce bipolar disorder symptoms. You will know how to:

  • Find assistance when you require it.

  • Refrain from triggers.

  • Discover when your symptoms possibly get worse.


Don’t believe in these harmful bipolar disorder myths. If you are encountering bipolar disorder symptoms, consult a mental health professional right away.


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