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Different Reasons For Therapies To Be A Part Of ADHD Treatment

Do you know any child who is suffering from ADHD? Are you looking for ways to get these kids to get organized and manage the problem behaviors? It is a well-known fact that the most effective treatment for ADHD is the combination of medication and behavioral and psychological therapies.

The ADHD treatment therapies aim to help children with ADHD manage their symptoms of hyperactivity, inattention, and recklessness. The ADHD therapies don’t affect the symptoms but teach the children the necessary skills to control them. Some treatments focus on staying organized while others aim to control the disruptive behavior, which generally lands such kids in trouble, and make it tough for them to make friends. Some of the popular therapeutic ADHD treatments are:

1. Psychotherapy: The purpose of this therapy is to get the child open up about their feelings and cope up with ADHD. The therapy focuses on children and helps them handle better their relationships.

2. Behavioral therapy: It teaches the children the necessary skills to cope up with life as they grow up. The therapy teaches the child to monitor their behavior and change it appropriately. Here the experts work together with the parents and at times teachers to develop strategies to tackle the child’s behavior in response to a particular situation. The experts train the parents to talk differently with their children to draw a desirable behavior that often causes him trouble.

3. Parent training: Children who have ADHD usually throw tantrums and turn out parental instruct; this often makes the parent feel frustrated. The therapy focuses on the interaction with the parents to reduce the outbursts and other behavioral issues. The kids learn to respond to predictable parental communications to ensure the wellbeing of the whole family. The parent training aims to teach parents to use positive reinforcement or praise or consequences when kids fail to comply with the instructions. It is often seen that parent training results in better behavior on the part of the child and less parental stress.

4. School interventions: School also plays an essential role in the treatment of ADHD kids. The kids with ADHD benefits with the “Daily Report Card” system as it encourage them for positive behavior. This approach the specific goals for behavior in school, reward them for meeting the goals and give kids the feedback about their performance. Parents and teachers should work together on the Daily Report Card. The teachers should set the goals for the individual kids such as finishing the academic work, behavior towards peers, and following instructions in the classroom and then rate the child performance. If the kid gets enough points during the day, the kid should be rewarded.

It is often seen that kids with ADHD have weak executive functioning. To help them cope up in planning and organizing things, parents and teachers need to use specific strategies and alternative learning styles that complement and enhances the particular abilities of the child. Some of the things that can be done are:

1. Define the steps to complete the task makes things easier for kids with ADHD.

2. Set time limits for each step to help the kids manage their tasks.

3. Make a reward chart at home to motivate the kids to stay focused.

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