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Different types of machines and positive benefits with Neurostar

Most people suffering from depression and anxiety can lead a healthy and active lifestyle with the right treatment. If anti-depressants and talk therapy don’t yield a positive effect, it is best to try Transcranial magnetic stimulation or TMS therapy. It is a painless treatment for depression.

The Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) machines are used for delivering magnetic therapy to the brain. There are two types of TMS to treat patients suffering from depression. These are deep TMS and repetitive TMS. The primary difference between the two is how deep the magnetic pulses penetrate the brain.

Neurostar is the first TMS Therapy system cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration for treating adult patients with major depressive disorder (MDD) who haven’t bee benefitted from prior anti-depressant medication in the recent episode. The Neurostar therapy uses patented technologies to maximize the benefits to the patient treatment:

1. Contact sensing: The slight movement can also reduce the TMS dose. The real-time feedback ensures that the patient receives the full dosage with effective and safe treatment. The Nuerostar has unique software that makes finding the correct dosage of the treatment very easy.

2. High-performance contoured coil: Precision Pulse technology with the patented designed coil improves the efficiency, and the integrated positioning system of the coil assures accurate and repeatable treatment.

This machine uses the highly targeted and pulsed magnetic field to stimulate the function in the region of the brain known to affect the mood. Repeated activation of the left pre-frontal cortex produces the anti-depressant effects in the patients that suffer from major depression. Neurostar provides targeted stimulation of the regions of the brain that is involved in the mood regulation without the actual burden of systemic side effects.

During the treatment, the patient reclines on the treatment chair comfortably, and a small device containing a magnetic coil is placed on the brain areas that are not active in the people suffering from depression. These magnetic pulses are similar in strength and type to that that the magnetic field of the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machine. During the treatment, the patient hears a clicking sound and a tapping sensation.

After the treatment generally lasts for 20-40 minutes, you can easily resume your normal activities. You are awake during the procedure as no drug or medicine is administered during the treatment. As there is no effect on the memory or alertness, patients can drive back from the therapy comfortably to their home or office.

Neurostar therapy benefits are backed by the largest clinical data set. Roughly one out of three patients treated with Neurostar TMS therapy experienced complete symptoms relief at the end of the four to six weeks. Though, the results vary from individual to individual on the basis of the severity of the symptoms. To ensure the maximum benefit of this therapy choose only a well-reputed clinic with experienced and trained professionals. Also, check many health insurance plans cover TMS these days owing to its significant benefits.

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