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Finding Right Mental Health Clinics in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

If this is the first time that you are looking for a mental health clinic for yourself or your loved one, this is going to be a daunting task. A reliable and experienced mental health clinic will be a valuable ally in your already stressful situation.

There are many factors that you need to consider before selecting the right mental health clinics in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Some of them are:

Know your needs

Before you set out to find the health professional you need to know whether you need somebody to talk to or somebody who is licensed to prescribe medications. If you are confused who to use, here are some tips that can help you decide:

  • See a physician and go for some physical exams as many illnesses can cause symptoms that are similar to mental illness.

  • In case you have a mental health condition that is improving with medications by primary care doctor you still should see a psychiatrist.

Get some referrals

Ask friends and family if they know a therapist or mental health clinics in Fort Lauderdale, FL that is reliable. If they know a clinic that they can vouch for, you should give it a try. But when selecting the clinic remember it should be good rather than being convenient. If you don’t get good references, you can look online for a reputable clinic.

Book an appointment

​Once you have shortlisted a few clinics, it is a good idea to call to make an appointment. Tell them it will be your first visit and you will require enough time to strike a good conversation. If the clinics tell you to wait for several months, you should still make an appointment and cancel in case you find someone sooner to help you.

Ask a few questions

When you visit the medical health clinic, it is advisable to ask a few questions to be sure that you are comfortable with them and can work with them for a long time. Some of the must ask questions are:

  • What is the education qualification and experience of the medical expert who will be treating you?

  • Has the expert worked with people with similar conditions?

  • How does the clinic plan to work with you to establish goals and evaluate the progress?

  • Does the clinic have the policy to make call or email between the appointments? It is crucial, as there might be days you want expert help to deal with your mental condition.

  • Ask if the clinic accepts your medical insurance policy or not? If not ask if you can get some discount or is there a sliding scale payment policy?

On your visit to the mental health clinics in Fort Lauderdale, FL you might not feel comfortable or feel that the expert lacks experience in your particular mental health condition, move on to the next and keep looking till you find the best.

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