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How Do Anxiety And Depressions Wreak Havoc On Your World?

In case you have suffered from anxiety or depression, you already know how harmful they can be and how each of them can affect your lifestyle. Anxiety and depression are the most common mental health disorders that impact the thinking, behavior, emotions, and mood of a person. However, most of the time, physical manifestations call attention to these conditions. In a nutshell, your emotions not just address that there may be something happening in your brain: mental ailments can directly affect your body’s capacity to do important tasks, by weakening your immune system and possibly leading to heart disease. So, how do anxiety and depression wreak havoc on your world? Read on to know more!

Stomach issues

People with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) are susceptible to more problems following stressful events. There is a direct connection between depression, anxiety and stomach problems.

Weakened immune system

Both anxiety and depression weaken a person’s immune system, increasing his prone to sickness and vulnerability to physical changes. Sometimes it is physical expressions of anxiety and depression that bring somebody to a health center and the center may fail to ponder a pre-existing mental health problem inadvertently.


Headaches are also a general symptom of Generalized Anxiety Disorder.

Repeated urination

This is one of the unexpected ways anxiety presents physically.

Sleep issues

Both anxiety and stress interfere with daily sleep patterns. Hypersomnia or insomnia is listed as symptoms of major depressive disorder and also addresses that sleep issue is a sign of generalized anxiety disorder.


This is another symptom of both generalized anxiety disorder and major depressive disorder.

Heart problem

Anxiety annoys heart; especially it is problematic for people, who already suffer from heart disease. There is a relation between heart disease and depression because they present frequently and simultaneously. Almost 1 in 5 people who experienced a heart attack are discovered to have depression post-heart attack. Also, people who are suffering from depression but never experienced heart issue has more scopes to grow a heart issue in comparison with the general public.

Breathing issues

Anxiety can lead to breathing issues, incorporating chest pain, difficulty breathing, or shortness of breath.

Skin rashes

Some people grow rashes, which mean they possibly get rashes possibly without warning when they are anxious.


There is a connection between depression and pain because serotonin and norepinephrine – neurotransmitters related to happiness – play roles in bothers physical pain and mood. People with depression sometimes encounter vague pains and aches.

Wrapping Up

So these are the top 10 common ways that answer to the question: How do anxiety and depression wreak havoc on your world? In case you or your close one us constantly suffering from anxiety or depression even after many medication trials, you must get rid of your symptoms and find out a healthcare center that offers treatment for these mental health problems. Go for an improved and new treatment that provides long-term relief and a healthy lifestyle!

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