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5 Tips on How to Manage a Depressive Episode

So, you are doing well, enjoy the day. Suddenly you realize that you are entering a depressive episode. When that depressive condition begins to float over you like a dark cloud, remember that it’s just temporary. You will get rid of it. A depressive episode is like a rollercoaster ride that can make you sick physically also. Here are some useful tips to let you know how to manage a depressive episode:

1. Pet your pet

Shower love and affection to a pet that you have already. Only petting your cat or dog provides that release feeling and takes away all sadness and depressive thoughts. In case you have no pet, pick one for yourself from a pet store, or visit an animal shelter. Talk to the animal when you are petting it. A pet’s loyalty and love are irreplaceable.

2. Remember that depression is just a sickness

Try to accept that depression is a sickness. And for that, you may need to be treated with both therapy and medication. Changing your perspective may help you react more fearless when you can see your symptoms. Don’t feel lonely, afraid, or sad if you recognize those feelings. Just respond to them with self-care.

3. Keep yourself calm

Recognizing your depressive episode can scare you. You may feel anxious or panicked. Nevertheless, these reactions may worsen some symptoms like disrupted sleep and loss of appetite, and contribute to low mood. Hence, try to stay calm. Remind yourself that depression can be treated. Self-help strategies like breathing exercises, mindfulness, and meditation can help an individual learn to look at issues in a distinct way and build up a sense of calmness.

4. Create a happy list

Start with small things: places you would prefer visiting, favorite colors. Photos of your favorite place can be on your list of happiness. This is the entire idea of a happy list: things that make you laugh, make you happy, or simply make you feel good. Utilize all of your senses for this task. List as much as you want. By the end of your list, you will be either smiling or feeling better. So, do this happy list whenever you want.

5. Practice meditation

Every day, take some time for meditating and praising the current moment. This may imply observing the warmth of sunlight on your skin when walking to the office, or tasting a sweet apple in your lunch. Meditation helps people encounter the present moment, without worrying about the past or future. Daily sessions of meditation can lower depression symptoms and enhance the negative responses that some individuals with recurrent or chronic depression have to low mood.


Depression is serious and for some individuals, it is fatal too. Having suicidal thoughts is a common depression symptom. So, if you know that you have such thoughts, do not ignore them. Get professional support and learn how to manage a depressive episode. Most importantly, remember that your depression can be treated, and don’t stop trusting yourself!

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