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How to Look After Your Mental Health during Coronavirus Outbreak

News regarding COVID-19 is presently on every media platform and news channel. You see a regular tally of nations affected and of fatalities aroused. As an outcome, you will possibly be more aware of the pandemic outbreak and the risks that you may be exposed to. And this will possibly lead you to feel fearful and concerned. While you should stay informed, you should also know how to look after your mental health during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Here we have compiled a few tips to help you to take care of your psychological wellbeing during this crisis period:

1. Talk to your kids

Involving yourself with the family is good for your health. You should be cautious to ask kids what they have heard regarding the pandemic outbreak and assist them, without making them afraid. Reduce the negative effect it has on your kids and discuss the facts with them. Discuss the news but try to avoid extra exposure to the virus’s coverage.

2. Enhance your sleep

Changes to daily life and feelings of uncertainly may imply you have more issues in sleeping. You can do lots of things to boost your sleep. Try to go to bed and wake up at a similar time every day, even at the weekend if possible, and try to have some natural sunlight by opening windows and curtains. This helps you regulate your body’s routine and sleep you better. Also, abstain from using TV, computer, tablet, or your phone for an hour before going to bed.

3. Set restrictions around news on corona outbreak

You need to refrain from over-exposure to media coverage. Continuous checking of social media feeds and news updates regarding COVID-19 can deepen your feelings of distress and worry. Ponder switching off automatic notifications and taking breaks from the news. Setting limits to how much news you listen, watch, or read will help you concentrate on your life and activities that you do. WHO recommends look for factual data usually to follow practical steps to make your strategies ready and safeguard yourself and your closed ones.

4. Accept your worries

Be it your frustration, anger, fear of contagion, or anxiety, having an emotional reaction is completely normal and signifies that your body’s natural defensive systems have been produced. Moreover, it is advantageous. A study has showcased that having an average anxiety level implies that you will more possibly take precautions like involving in healthy behaviors such as washing hands than people who are not concerned. Also, observing these feelings and accepting them as normal instead of trying to reduce them or ignore them has been showcased to make those feelings less important in our minds.

5. Take good self-care

How to look after your mental health during the Coronavirus outbreak incorporates concentrating on things you can control, maintaining your daily routine, and prioritizing your positive mental health and wellbeing. Take care of your basic needs and have a good rest.

This is how you can deal with Coronavirus anxiety and safeguard your mental wellbeing and that of your loved ones.

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