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Most Common Behavior Traits Of An Addict

Addiction is a condition of a brain manifested by compulsive substance use despite its detrimental consequences. Regardless of the substance, the person is addicted to; they often display particular addict behavior traits. The behavior of the addict is the red flag to the loved ones of that person that there is a problem. The behavior of the addict can be frustrating and scary and generally makes the loved ones feel helpless and sad.

Here are some of the common behavior traits of an addict:

1. Lying: Addiction is all about lying, at first lying to oneself about having an addiction and then lying to everyone else around them. The more the addiction, the more likely is the person to feel the need to lie. If the behavior of the person changes and their explanation doesn’t add up, you need to understand that you are being lied. They will often come up with strange yet convincing stories to cover where the money went.

2. Manipulation: It is another common behavioral trait of an addict. Addicts can go to any length to keep fueling their addiction, and this includes manipulation of their closed ones. The family and friends of an addict generally fall for the manipulations of an addict, as they really want to believe what they are saying. Addicts make false promises, profess love, and come up with emotional stories to extract money from people, to feed their addiction.

3. Criminality: Not all addicts are criminals, but eventually, when an addict runs out of money is sure to resort to committing crimes. Some might steal to get the supply of the drug or alcohol or forge prescription to get a particular medicine. There might be some indirect criminal behaviors like drink and drive or getting aggressive, which can lead to domestic violence and assault. After a point, the drugs take hold over the thinking of the person, and it can completely alter his reason and perception.

4. The shift of blame: Never being responsible for the outcome is of the typical traits of an addict. By blaming others, the addict turns blind to their flaws and how it has contributed to the problem. If an addict gets fired, it is the fault of the boss, or if the addict is involved in an accident, it is the fault of another driver. The addict thinks that everyone else has the problem- not him.

5. Impulsive behavior: Impulsiveness is the most common personality behavior of an addict. These people often see every situation as all-or-nothing or black-and-white thinking. Impulsiveness is also related to instant gratification and ignoring long-term goals.

If you know someone who displays more than one or all of the above-mentioned personality traits, and it is affecting their personal life, it is crucial to seek professional help. Look for the clinic that has experienced professionals to help the addict live a healthy and normal life.

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