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Recognizing Dyslexia may prevent low self-esteem and anxiety

It is a known fact that mental health always had a stigma attached to it in the past. Even though mental health literacy in America has increased quite a lot, a large number of people are still ignorant about mental health. Many studies have proved that. A study by Michigan State University found that less than 50 percent of the respondents could recognize the signs of anxiety, and a vast majority of the respondents had no idea about how depression is treated. In a world where a huge number of people are getting affected by mental disorders like Depression, Anxiety, Autism, Dyslexia, etc, it is imperative for one to know about the most common mental illnesses. This could save lives of closed ones.

Dyslexia is a learning disorder that involves difficulty reading due to problems identifying speech sounds and learning how they relate to letters and words. Dyslexia can be noticed in children at an early age. It is not hard to think that children with dyslexia find a hard time coping with school and other activities that it affects. Moreover, considering the mental health ignorance, it is quite difficult for dyslexic people to deal with society while already dealing with their disorder. This societal pressure to keep up can cause low self-esteem and anxiety in them. They are frustrated with their inability to meet expectations. This effect is often compounded by their ability to achieve their own goals.

It is proven by research that people with dyslexia are at greater risk for the following issues:

  • Low self-esteem: Because the focus of our education system is mainly on academics, dyslexic children start feeling that they inferior to others due to their failure in academics.

  • Anxiety: Anxiety is the most common emotional symptom reported by dyslexic adults. Due to their disorder, they anticipate failure in new situations. Therefore, they are scared to get into such situations, which is the classic case of anxiety.

  • Other issues that a person with Dyslexia is likely to face are poor social relationships, depression and substance abuse including drugs, tobacco, and alcohol.

People who get diagnosed with dyslexia late in life feel like they’ve spent a large part of their lives feeling stupid, less confident and low self-esteem. Since signs of dyslexia are manifested at a very young age as a child, it is very important that a child exhibiting even minor signs of dyslexia gets diagnosed as soon as parents or teachers notice the signs. When you recognize dyslexia at an early age and start taking the necessary modes of treatment, it may prevent a lot of emotional issues like low self-esteem and anxiety. It is highly advisable that if a parent notices even the slightest signs of Dyslexia in their child, they should visit a mental health expert on priority. It is best to save a child from debilitating issues like anxiety and low self-esteem for their entire lives.

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