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Should Your Kid Go on Antidepressants?

If your kid is diagnosed with depressive disorder, you may have questions like ‘Should Your Kid Go on Antidepressants or not? You may wonder whether these medicines are safe for your children or have side effects later. Although antidepressants have been proved to be effective in curing major anxiety and depression in kids, they should be carefully used and closely checked for ensuring there is no harmful side effect.

What Will You Do If Your Kid Is Depressed?

Before getting your kid started on antidepressants, you should have a complete physical test to identify any symptoms of depression. If the result comes good, you should have a psychiatric assessment done by a pediatrician, psychologist or psychiatrist, family doctor, or somebody who specializes in pediatric mental health.

This assessment incorporates vital data like behaviors you observe in your kid, family history and whether there is any risk factor to hurt your kid. Knowing these problems will help you and the mental health expert made the best treatment strategy for your kid, which may or may not incorporate antidepressants.

How Will Your Kid Start On Antidepressants?

In case you and your health expert decide that an antidepressant is required, your kid will begin on the lowest possible dose, for starting with. This may need to be changed in case it does not help your kid’s symptoms. It brings higher risks for suicidal behavior or thoughts amid the first pair of months of beginning an antidepressant and also if the dose is decreased or increased. Hence, notice your kid’s behavior especially during these times. Your mental health expert will check your kid properly at first also.

Safe Antidepressants for Kids

Two antidepressants approved by FDA for use in teens or kids for treating depressive disorder are Prozac (for kids of 8 years old and more) and Lexapro (for kids of 12 years old and more). Moreover, Anafranil, Luvox, and Zoloft have been proved safe alongside Prozac for treating children with OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder).

Only because medicine is not approved by the FDA, it doesn’t mean that a doctor will not prescribe it, especially when you have an older kid. Sometimes doctors prescribe other antidepressants for teens and kids that aren’t approved by the FDA because they have been proven safe and effective. But ensure to read the medication guide that comes with the antidepressant of your kid for having more data like cautions, side effects, and risks.

Words from Fort Lauderdale Behavioral Wellness

Usually, antidepressants are effective and safe for treating a depressive disorder in teens and kids, particularly when paired with psychotherapy. Moreover, remember that sometimes its use is temporary and may simply be required for a short period. In case your kid has mild depression, you can go for psychotherapy for improving their symptoms.

Nevertheless, if the depression is getting worse day by day and unresponsive to psychotherapy, antidepressants may be required for helping your kid live a better life. In case you have queries and concerns, make sure to discuss them with a mental health expert.

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