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The World Mourns an NBA Icon: 5 Tips to Manage Grief

People, who are sports lovers and basketball fans, suffered a lot after getting the news of the departure of the legendary basketball play Kobe Bryant because of an unfortunate helicopter accident. When people from different parts of the world mourns an NBA icon, it becomes healthy for them to grieve as they can share and feel compassion, during sad times.

In this blog, you will find 5 tips to manage grief: acceptance, depression, bargaining, anger, and denial. There is no universal way of grieving. Every grief procedure is different and unique. People cycle all grief stages at distinct milestones in one’s life versus finishing phases in a linear way. Different cultures feel and share different ways of honoring the grief procedure, which may include spirituality and religion. Togetherness and community bring people together for honoring the departed loved one through stories and comfort is expressed as a sense of the family’s belonging encircles on a multi-gen level.

For an individual or a group of individuals who are grieving, it is necessitous to involve in the utmost self-compassion and self-care amid a trying time. Here are 5 useful tips to manage grief healthily:

1. Hunt for community

When you are in grief, you should connect with others to improve the mood and reduce anxiety. As per studies, proper social assistance help lower the chances of growing depression. A sense of engaging in a neighborhood, spiritual community, office space, school system, etc. can comfort and embrace the mourning person of families.

2. Be patient

The deepness of the grief will reduce with time. So, be patient with the time you think the procedure will take. There is no fixed date for completing your grief. When you will move through different stages of life from childhood to adulthood, your capacity for grieving will deepen and expand. When your cognitive ability develops, you re-grieve losses at consecutive developmental stages.

3. Involve in self-care and self-compassion

Be prepared to say NO to additional obligations. Permit others for serving you. Keep patience with the intensity and length of the grief procedure and remind yourself that every grief procedure is different to every individual. Suppressing emotions or not grieving is unhealthy; nevertheless, having an expert and compassionate grief counselor will help you.

4. Look for grief counseling

Whether a person or group method, counseling can assist a person in reducing anxiety and depression. Moreover, it lowers the sense of loneliness by connecting human beings together who need social assistance for thriving. It’s never very late for having grief counseling. It is necessitous for reaching out for support if you have experienced a traumatic and sudden departure of your loved one, as you may have trauma along with grief for working through. Looking for a competent counselor or other processes will be helpful.

5. Attend primary pillars of brain health

Positive social supports, exercise, nutrition, and good sleep are basic for maintaining brain health. Visit your physician if you are struggling with any of these elements.

Hopefully, these 5 tips to manage grief will be a great help if you are experiencing a tragic period in your life.

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