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Top 11 Ways to Help Someone Who Has Anxiety Disorder

Are you living with anxiety? Is your anxiety getting in the way of your tasks or focus? Here are the top 11 ways to help someone who has anxiety and want to get rid of this disorder:

1. Know about it

Describing anxiety is very hard for us. Know about anxiety’s symptoms, difference between anxiety and nervousness, and how to help somebody who is having a panic attack. This will help you know the background of this illness. Having the knowledge of this mental ailment and how it impacts people might give more insights into the ways of supporting people living with anxiety.

2. Give some practical things

People suffering from anxiety often don’t want to talk, but they would appreciate having some practical things. This could incorporate things like getting prescriptions, driving them to appointments, and offering them a to-do list. All these are useful as these can provide them one less thing for worrying about.

3. Ask them what they require

People can find different things helpful. Talk to them regarding what assistance they might require and types of things that might help them.

4. Be honest

Try to be honest with people having anxiety disorder. Tell them directly if you cannot support or help them with something. Instead of cancelling or running out of time, maintain your honesty and say that you cannot support them.

5. Take care of yourself

Supporting somebody who has anxiety disorder can be really tough; hence, ensure to take time for yourself. This is essential for you to take care of yourself first.

6. Don’t only concentrate on their anxiety

Anxiety is all-consuming and it reaches the point where people forget that they are beyond an individual with anxiety. Talk to anxiety patients regarding this and remind them that they are good persons more than their anxiety.

7. Support self-care

Basic self-care sometimes slips when people are living with anxiety. Based on your relationship with a person with anxiety, you can do things like help them clean a house, write a buying list, get a shower, bring their own meals, etc. Types of things that you might find useful and can help them with, will rely on your relationship with anxiety patients and on their individual requirements.

8. Spread love

There is no doubt that love can heel all pain. So, spread your love to a person who is living with anxiety and serve his/her needs. He/she will certainly benefit from it.

9. Be compassionate

A person already feels crazy or bad for having anxiety. So, help him/her open up regarding what he/she is anxious about and try your best to make it normal.

10. Accompany them

Anxiety makes people feel very isolated and unsocial. Help them get out and try different things. It will prevent them from feeling alone.

11. Find a mental health expert

When anxiety is extreme, your loved one may require the help of a trained mental health counselor.

Life would be more enjoyable if you follow the aforesaid 11 ways to help someone who has anxiety.

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