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What Should You Eat Instead Of Sugar In Anxiety?

Sugar highly harms your mental health, but there are still ways to satiate your sweet tooth. Undoubtedly, sugar can cause havoc on your body in case you are having a little too much of the sweet items. According to studies, it can have harmful effects on your physical health as well. For this reason, you are always recommended to reduce sugar from your diet to reduce the risk of disease and lose weight. So, it’s high time to ditch sugar! While ditching sweet food items can result in a physically healthy you, its effect sugar has on your mental health that is valuable taking further look at.

What Should You Eat Instead Of Sugar In Anxiety?

Just because you will ditch processed sugar doesn’t mean you need to deny yourself the pleasure and satisfaction of sweet-tasting foods. So what should you eat instead of sugar in anxiety? In case you are craving sweets, here is what you should eat instead:

1. Chamomile

Many people across the globe consider chamomile tea a herbal remedy due to its relaxant, antioxidant, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. According to some people, the anti-anxiety and relaxant properties come from the flavonoids present in this tea. Studies say that chamomile can lower anxiety symptoms. Nevertheless, it can’t prevent new anxiety episodes. Chamomile tea can manage anxiety and is readily available to use safely in high doses.

2. Dark Chocolate

According to experts, dark chocolate reduces stress and anxiety. Studies found that cocoa or dark chocolate can boost mood. Albeit it’s not clear how dark chocolate lowers stress, it’s enriched with polyphenols, particularly flavonoids which lower Neuro-inflammation and cell death in the brain and enhance blood flow. Chocolate contains a high tryptophan content that your body utilizes for turning into mood-booster neurotransmitters like serotonin in the brain. Moreover, dark chocolate contains magnesium. Having ample magnesium in your diet may lower depression symptoms. You can have dark chocolate instead of sugar as it contains added sugar and fat but a small serving of 1-3 grams will be appropriate for you.

3. Blueberries

Our body craves vitamin C to help protect and repair our cells when we are stressed and anxious and blueberries are totally packed of it. It’s a good source of vitamin C and antioxidants which offer anxiety relief. A study found the impacts of oral vitamin C supplements on anxiety and antioxidants may be helpful in reducing and preventing anxiety. Craving for sugar leads the brain to work at sub-optimal levels and risky for producing depressive symptoms related to anxiety. The sweetness from blueberries is a better alternative and acts as a positive immune booster.

Bottom Lines

The changes you can make to your diet are as easy as swapping out food items. This could reduce your anxiety for foods and lower the severity of your symptoms also. Abstain from overeating the go-to comfort foods that just leave you more anxious and feeling guilty and enjoy healthy, nutritious superfoods with mood-improving properties. It will make you feel better.

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