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Why We Should Be Honest about How We’re Doing

Life is short and difficult. And if you encounter depression, anxiety, and PTSD, life becomes harder than ever. The most difficult part is your feeling of loneliness while experiencing such issues. People find it easy to go through life independently, looking at their smartphones. They don’t even talk to each other. They don’t think why they experience such mental issues, why they lie about what they truly feel and pretend that they are okay. Hence, this blog has come up with a revelation that why we should be honest about how we are doing.

When Do We Lie and Why?

Saying that ‘I am okay’ is easier and comes more naturally. You possibly think that you don’t require any assistance from your friends or close people. You might feel uneasy to share your disappointments thinking yourself a burden. You don’t want to make them feel how you are feeling and what you are going through.

However, you must face your hassles and struggles head-on, which needs a lot of courage, strength, and energy. Tiredness can come. You may want to take rest and not get up. You may not feel to do anything or visit anybody. Action is the last thing you consider. You just want to be alone and forget. You don’t want to be a burden and so don’t want to tell anybody.

However, this makes your life more difficult. This is the time when you need support and love from others. You should not go through your life or struggles alone. However, this obviously doesn’t mean that your depression will be lowered once you share your feelings with others. We are not saying that your anxiety will be reduced whenever you face your fears or PTSD will vanish overnight if you take help from somebody. Nevertheless, if you feel alone, you should know that somebody is there, who knows precisely what you are experiencing.

What Should We Do Then?

We just need to stop lying and be honest about what we are doing and feeling. We must be honest with others about the struggle we are facing. Just speak out what you have on your mind. Sometimes, it’s okay to cry. Nobody should face their battles alone. Nobody should experience life looking down. Others might go through possibly the same.

We humans are not perfect or flawless. We make mistakes and struggle. But having a person by our side makes us feel stronger.


There is an amazing benefit of telling the truth in every circumstance as this motivates you mentally and helps you achieve every good thing that you need. Lying just helps you pretend what you are not, unlike honesty. Whenever we come up against a reason for lying, it reveals a character flaw that you need to change. To survive with the intention of ignoring every action that you would ever feel the need to mask causes a notably stress-lowered life. And this is the reason that motivates you the most not to lie.

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